A date with the end of the world

Dear people who await the end of the world,

1) To those who fret: please stop worrying over something that you cannot control. You might as well worry that you should be able to control your local weather, and you don’t, because you know you can’t.  If the world does come to an end, the world comes to an end: there would be nothing you could do about it because it would be a Pretty Big event. Also, save that suicide plan until the very last minute – when your end-of-the-world induced death is imminent – on the very-probable-off chance that you’re wrong, and you would in fact be alive, well and pretty relieved on December 22nd.

2) You folks who are digging bunkers under your house and hoarding canned food: just what kind of a lame ass end of the world is it exactly, if you’re fine as long as you stay in a bunker with canned food? An end of the world that couldn’t commit? Pfft.


Cheers to Deep Root Riesling Trocken.

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